Our services are designed to simultaneously impact every level of scale—individual, team, organization—so that strategies can evolve and leadership cultures can emerge and flourish. Our approach draws from the most current research and practice in social complexity, adult development, neuroscience, creativity, leadership and transformational change.

“Context provided excellent facilitation of our strategic planning efforts. They provided a wealth of knowledge on leadership and organizations and the sure hand of talented and experienced facilitators.”
Doug Reeve PhD PEng. Director, Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto

Strategic Facilitation

We facilitate strategy development processes, leadership team development, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and large-scale culture transformation.

Our facilitated environments promote high levels of participation and allow everyone to bring their creativity and candor to important conversations. Our learn-as-you-go approach results in strategic alignment and a commitment to collaborate across boundaries. This provides everyone with an opportunity to make decisions with the most current information in the system and to understand the strategy and where they fit in.

We customize assessments to initiate, checkpoint, and evaluate strategic change. Employee opinion surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and culture assessments provide essential information that can assist with:

  • Establishing a starting point and focal points for change
  • Designing change initiatives
  • Making course corrections during change efforts
  • Evaluating progress on the journey

Leadership Development

The question, “Who are our leaders?” is giving way to, “What conditions do we need for leadership to flourish in the network?” This question is at the core of our conversations with leadership teams. We work with them in matrix organizations and across global divides to develop the capabilities for network leadership.

We also support teams who recognize that teamwork itself is a strategic choice, as they journey through the stages of development and through times of disruptive change. As they strengthen the quality of their conversations, they find pathways to greater trust, creative conflict, and collective intelligence.

Learn more about our Collective Leadership Impact Program (CLIP)

“What conditions do we need for leadership to flourish in the network?” is at the core of our conversations with leadership teams. It focuses them on increasing their effectiveness through a collaborative, systemic approach.

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“Genuine, caring, and most of all challenging – you have a great ability to gently pull the real issues front and centre to get folks to engage in that awkward space.”
Ken Overly , Director, Global Business Group, Fujitsu

Executive Team Coaching and Assessment

Leading in the twenty-first century requires an ability to learn and re-invent yourself over the span of your career—to expand your capacity—to become more adaptive, collaborative, and strategic. The kind of development available in one-size executive programs or behavior-focused coaching is insufficient for this growth.

Context coaching relationships provide the space to inquire into aspirations and dilemmas. Our coaches draw on our own management and leadership experience to help you navigate accelerating complexity and change. We bring a depth of insight and an honest outside perspective to support and challenge, as you develop new practices that can be applied real time, in the midst of daily work.

We integrate developmental assessments which complement your company’s performance management systems, including The Leadership Circle, Global Leadership Profile, and Hogan Assessments.

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“You were able to quickly assess my challenges and help me think about them differently as well as provide me with additional tools or ways to approach them. I am very grateful.”
Hassane Cisse Deputy General Counsel, Legal Vice Presidency, The World Bank

Culture Transformation

Organizational culture is most simply described ‘as the way we do things around here’ and it includes the deeply held beliefs and values that flow beneath every conversation, decision, and action taken.

Peter Drucker’s ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is a lighthearted reminder that leadership teams must make culture a central focus in the design and implementation of their business strategies.

We design people and culture strategies that powerfully shift culture in the direction of business strategy, while simultaneously developing change leaders across the system to sustain momentum.

“Individual leaders are more confident, strategic thinkers who are able to challenge assumptions; the management team has stronger relationships and a richer pool of actionable cross-enterprise knowledge. The result has been an ability to influence the organization and achieve desired change.”
Andrew Wnek Senior VP and CIO, Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.